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Moore Hackney & Associates (MHA) is an engineering solutions company founded in 2012 to create a group that specializes in building envelope, structural, roofing, civil design and construction consulting. MHA’s founding partners have worked together for over 15 years and have provided practical, cost-effective evaluations, testing, design solutions and construction administration for faulty or failed building systems for over 30 years.

Licensed throughout the southeast and Gulf Coast states, MHA has a staff consisting of professional engineers, registered roof consultants, registered waterproofing consultants, and exterior wall consultants. In fact, MHA has more registered exterior wall consultants than any other firm in North Carolina – a necessity because MHA completes a peer review on all reports and designs.

MHA’s non-biased approach towards investigation and evaluation has led insurance companies, attorneys, contractors, developers, and owners associations to us because we provide an objective analysis of complex design and construction deficiencies. We are experienced in identifying root issues, but we take pride in creating workable solutions.

Beyond our company walls, MHA believes in community and relationships. We volunteer locally and we strive to continue creating long-lasting relationships and earning the respect of our vendors, clients, and neighbors.