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How well you understand your property is one of the critical elements of financial success during commercial acquisitions or turnovers between developers and owners. We can help make sure you know as much about the physical condition of your property as the seller, developer, or turnover inspector.

Commercial Acquisitions

When purchasing a property, you are at a great disadvantage. Typically, the seller has intimate knowledge of the property and you have a very short period of time to discover issues with the property – things the seller may or may not be aware of. Read more


When a developer turns over the management of a property to an owner’s association, a turnover report is typically required. At MHA we understand the sensitivity of these reports from both perspectives. As an owner, you want to make sure your property was constructed well and you received what you paid for. As a developer/contractor, you take pride in your work and want to close out the project so the new owners are happy, furthering your reputation. Read more