When a developer turns over the management of a property to an owner’s association, a turnover report is typically required. At MHA we understand the sensitivity of these reports from both perspectives. As an owner, you want to make sure your property was constructed well and you received what you paid for. As a developer/contractor, you take pride in your work and want to close out the project so the new owners are happy, furthering your reputation.

We have been involved with turnover studies from both perspectives – working for the owner’s association or for the developer/contractor. In both cases, we know that the success of a turnover requires a company that understands the plans, understands the building code, can grasp changes that may have occurred during construction, and can identify real issues.

The danger in this process, for both parties, is when turnover reports are wrong. From either perspective, having a report that inaccurately identifies issues can draw-out a time consuming process and complicate your ability to resolve any real issues.

Our value to owner’s associations lies with our ability to:

  • Identify construction deficiencies – especially those have not resulted in observable damage yet,
  • Explain the issues and their potential impacts (i.e, life safety issue or an issue that will result in a reduced lifespan of a building element)
  • Develop reasonable repair solutions for developer/contractor assisted repairs,
  • Develop accurate cost opinions for owner driven repairs and planning, and
  • Help the owner’s utilize the information from the turnover study to prioritize issues

We have also assisted developers by evaluating turnover reports and completing independent evaluations that allow us to:

  • Correct misinterpretations of the building code,
  • Confirm acceptable modifications during construction,
  • Confirm real issues that should be addressed , and
  • Develop reasonable repair solutions.